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FLASH ART - Creating Emotions

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IPL Championship, Dubai

After years of hopes and speculation among sports fans, IPL – undoubtedly the most prestigious cricket league in the world – comes to the UAE. The Dubai Cricket Stadium is no stranger to... Read More

Palm fountain Dubai

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates add yet another record to their already impressive portfolio of world’s best. The Guinness Book of World Records officially recognizes the Palm Fountain as the largest on... Read More

Reopening Galata Tower, Istanbul

On October 6th, 2020 one of the landmarks of Istanbul, the Galata Tower, reopened with a large event after an extensive restoration. Flash Art was entrusted with the concept and design of the... Read More

Dubai Summer Surprise

Flash Art was honoured to be appointed to kick-start the annual Dubai Summer Surprises with a close-proximity pyrotechnics display in front of the iconic Burj Khalifa, as Dubai opens its doors to tourists... Read More