Drones - painting the night sky

The most traditional way of expression combined with the most modern technology. We create images and let them fly.

Up to 500 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) airbone simultaneously fly with your ideas. The innovative and sophisticated show control software offers endless possibilities. The content is coordinated beforehand with the customer and woven into a visual light experience on the largest canvas of the world

Let your ideas fly

We design and program the drones according to your ideas into many impressive cluster formations and harmonized color changes. A perfect opportunity to involve your sponsors. Together we design your imagination into impressive flying shapes.

Reference projects

2000 Jahre Varusschlacht - Detmold, 125 Jahre Allianz Versicherung - München, FC Bayern Weihnachtsfeier - München, Audi CES - Las Vegas, Deutscher Presseball - Schiller, Berlin